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Karen Then offers both group and personal one-on-one lessons where each makeup lesson is completely catered to you. You will learn all of her techniques, quick tips and tricks that is highly tailored to your specific needs and features. You will also be granted a quality one to one time with your personal Professional Makeup Artist, Karen Then. 

Karen will help you to identify your Skin Type, Skin Tone and Face Shape which will be needed when learning about your face more in-depth. This lesson will consist of Karen demonstrating the techniques to one side of your face and you repeating onto the other side while giving you feedback. 

The lesson covers the following:

  • Prepping skin for makeup

  • Application of color corrector, concealer, foundation and loose/pressed powder

  • Eyebrow design based on your face shape

  • Application of eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara for your eye shape 

  • Proper application of powder, bronzers/contour and blush

  • Application of lip colors

  • Product and technique recommendations based on your specific skin type and facial features

By the end of the class, you will learn all the basic fundamentals of makeup and be able to create looks that suit you and your style. Makeup will never be a chore again!

One-on-one Session: $280 (2 hours)

Two-Participant Session: $250 (2 hours)

Three-Participant Session: $200 (3 hours)

A special 20% off your next makeup lesson with Karen Then. 

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