#SHREKITUPBRUNEI; Special Effects Makeup

I want to congratulate Relentless Entertainment for their amazing work and performance last weekend; The Shrek Musical.  I am really super proud to have been part of the production!

Working backstage has always this sense of magic when working together with the cast and crew. The environment backstage allows each individual to unlock their creativity and passion to create a form of collective art.

Eventhough “we were always on the clock” or “we were in a hectic and stressful environment”, with proper planning and composure we were guaranteed to succeed and in return we successfully presented our work to the audience. Bringing out more of the characters to life through our techniques and brushes.

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Dany Sanz

Hey guys, here’s my way way overdue Paris post! Had a lot of thought put into this one, teeheeee

The western make up techniques have always intrigued me. I’ve always wanted to learn the skills and finesse demonstrated by artists from the USA, Europe and Australia. I fell in love with their style ever since I started my career in make up and only dreamt of a time I would be able to fully understand it. However, I absorbed as much as I could wherever I was and made the best of my time.  Being based in Asia, I first honed my skills via the Asian features. That led me to the hub of the Asian make up scene, Hong Kong, two years ago to start my makeup career. I preferred the Hong Kong styles compared to the overly hyped Korean, the Japanese and Taiwanese styles.

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Change can be nerve-wracking. Sometimes, venturing into new territories can cause so much uneasiness. But the only way of ever finding out your abilities, limits, and what you’re made of, is by being brave and taking the plunge. Oftentimes, it is our doubts and fears that hold us back from achieving great things.

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